Products different from the moment you use them. Starting with the fact you can actually use them.

We don’t design our products to change your business processes — we design to fit them. Real estate technology should be open, connected and flexible. We handle your time-consuming everyday demands so you can focus on strategy and growth. Consider us your secret source of power. From property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics, we know the global residential and commercial markets.

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Our comprehensive and flexible platform.

Your real estate business has unique needs. Rigid and closed software systems don’t give you the freedom to run things your way. That’s why we broke the mold and built a comprehensive, flexible, open and connected platform to make your life easier. Explore what makes MRI Software an industry game-changer.

The Foundation

The MRI Financials Suite lies at the core of everything we do. This foundational platform integrates with our other products to deliver clean, configurable financial information to run your business better. This is the last time you’ll ever have to re-stack your financial deck.

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Uniquely Tailored

Everything we deliver revolves around your needs and feedback. Choose the product suite that fits your business: Residential, Commercial, or Corporate Real Estate. Pick the ones you need, and use them to your advantage.

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Manage Your Assets

Smart management of your real estate investments is mission critical. Put real data behind your decisions and stay ahead of the game. Our Investment Suite helps you leverage historical and current data to improve financial modeling, forecasting, and management of your portfolio.

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Smart Insights

Now more than ever, you have an overwhelming amount of data at your fingertips. Our reporting and analytics solutions break it into easy-to-understand chunks and integrate with your real estate management tools. Your decisions should be made with powerful, clean analytics.

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Flexibility First

Our solutions are designed to be personalized for your unique needs. Modify pages, views, buttons, reports, and more. MRI technology is proven, comprehensive, and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the residential, commercial, corporate, and real estate investment sectors.

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Let’s get started.

Our comprehensive and flexible products all work together to do one thing — set you free to grow your business. Keep reading or contact us to learn more. You’ll like what we’ve done.

Financials Suite

Whether your needs are streamlining accounting and reporting to investors, complying with new leasing regulations or automating your payables, we can help. Our Financials Suite provides you with the comprehensive insight required to manage your business effectively.

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Residential Suite

Your residential software has to be flexible. It covers everything from your multi-million dollar multifamily investments to the engagement of new renters. The tools of the trade are dynamic. That’s why we keep everything in an open, interconnected ecosystem.

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Commercial Suite

Efficient commercial real estate software should connect your strategic planning with everyday management tasks. Seamless integration and flexibility is critical. The MRI Commercial Suite automates your processes, streamlines workflows, and well — just plain works.

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Corporate Real Estate

MRI Corporate Real Estate was built for retailers, healthcare systems, data centers, and other office and industrial lease holders. Stay on top of your lease expenses and terms. MRI CRE helps you master control of your real estate expenses and makes sure you never miss a critical lease detail.

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Investment Suite

Data-driven investment decisions are mission critical, and errors can cost millions. The MRI Investment Suite models, forecasts performance, augments your strategic plan, and puts data behind your decisions.

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Reporting & Analytics

Our centralized and flexible analytics platform enables your analysts and executives to better understand critical data. More knowledgeable decisions are powered by clean, customizable, and accurate analytics.

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Flexibility Tools

Every one of our tools has been designed with flexibility and connectivity in mind. MRI’s Application eXchange and Information eXchange let you exchange information, exchange applications, and manage your portfolio.

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