Close the insurance gap and minimize loss for your multifamily property

MRI Multifamily Insurance enables property owners and operators to establish resident insurance compliance programs for apartment residents. Putting a mandatory resident insurance program in place helps multifamily properties reduce risk and minimize loss by closing gaps in coverage, which can occur when new residents move in.

MRI Multifamily Insurance is integrated into the MRI Living suite of residential solutions, so property managers can easily promote it to their residents through the leasing and onboarding process. With an integrated insurance compliance program, property owners and managers can rest assured that their buildings are protected from risk.

Backed by a reliable insurance company, the MRI Multifamily program has the highest resident compliance rate in the multifamily market. The program, previously known as Multifamily Insurance Partners, includes claim management assistance and active policy management to make life easy for leasing staff and property managers.


Close insurance gaps

Reduce risk and liability for your multifamily property by requiring resident insurance as part of a lease.

Protect your residents

Provide an insurance policy that gives your residents unmatched protection in the event of an apartment fire or other disaster.

Easily manage the program

With active policy management and claims assistance, the resident insurance program is simple to manage and won’t distract leasing staff from day-to-day tasks.


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