Direct Asset Management

Long-term oversight, risk mitigation and reporting services at both the asset and investment levels.

Shadow Asset Management

Serves as a secondary level of oversight to monitor syndicator or asset manager activities.

Subordinate Loan Administration

Manage loans and set-asides, minimize delinquencies, maximize collections, monitor compliance, and analyze portfolio performance.

Transaction Support

Underwrite or execute acquisitions, dispositions, refinancing, modifications, and other capital events.

Asset Management Services

Expert asset management services tailored to meet individual client and portfolio needs

TCAM, an MRI Company, supports the affordable multifamily housing industry with asset and portfolio management, transaction oversight, and consulting services. Asset management services are provided to developer/owners, investors, lenders, and public agencies nationwide. TCAM monitors and reports on operations and trends to make sure performance stays on track.


  • Manage risk and ongoing reporting responsibilities cost-effectively.

  • Provide effective and responsive direction to property management.

  • Optimize property cash flow.

  • Leverage decades of experience in multifamily and affordable housing asset management.

  • Free up time to focus on recapitalization and value maximization.

  • Services are tailored to individual client and portfolio needs.

asset management services

How we can help

Asset Management Consulting Services

TCAM’s experts have decades of experience and specialize in multifamily and affordable housing asset management, bringing a deep and broad industry perspective.

Deep and broad industry perspective

Who we serve


Including for-profit and nonprofit developers


Including banks, insurance companies, and CDFIs

Equity Investors

Including banks, investment banks, insurance companies, syndicators, investment funds, and state agencies


Including major financial institutions

Public Agencies

Including city and state housing departments, housing finance agencies and public housing authorities


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