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Everything you need to manage your affordable housing assets and investments.

Affordable investors rely on our full lifecycle affordable asset management software to manage their housing real estate investments, aggregate portfolio data, and provide efficient reporting to investors. Affordable housing asset management software provides the ability to consolidate disparate data and reduce reliance on spreadsheets, which can mitigate risk and help make better strategic decisions about your affordable portfolio.


  • Twenty-six syndicators use Investment Central for asset management.

  • Centralize your data, mitigate risk, and reduce reliance on spreadsheets.

  • Gain access to all the information needed to view, manage, and report on your investment portfolios.

  • 80% of the largest affordable housing investors use MRI.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your entire portfolio with key metrics.

  • Manage risk and exposure across your entire affordable housing portfolio.

Affordable Housing Asset Management Software

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