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Cinnaire takes real estate investment tech to the next level with MRI Analytix

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Since 1993, Cinnaire has been supporting community stabilization and economic development as a full-service Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). With more than 28 years of experience, Cinnaire provides lending, tax credit programs, real estate community development, and commercial financing to mission-focused investors and organizations across nine states. The company manages 4.9B portfolio of loans and equity and has made over 9.3B in community impact since its inception.

Business Challenge

With almost 900 affordable housing projects under asset management, manually tracking and inputting data is a time-consuming process. To move beyond the data chase and stay ahead of issues, Cinnaire was in need of a tech solution that could manage large data sets in a streamlined manner with fewer bottlenecks and more visibility, enabling an expanded team to make faster, better decisions with the data at hand.


Cinnaire implemented MRI Analytix to help improve its ability to streamline data and better leverage the complex information required to support the business. The organization has been using MRI Portfolio Management for 15 years, and adding MRI Analytix brings its investment technology solution one step further. Analytix works with the data from MRI Portfolio Management to build out comprehensive scenarios and data visualizations that support informed, quick, and accurate decision-making – helping Cinnaire catch potential risks and take advantage of key opportunities.

“Working with MRI has been a great experience. We’re at the leading edge of real estate technology because of our work with MRI, and it’s had a meaningful impact on our business.”

Josh Ghena, VP Asset Management

Quick decision-making is essential to navigate changing market conditions, and MRI Analytix enables Cinnaire to avoid process bottlenecks, get to the source of problems quickly, and ask the right questions without spending time analyzing the data.

Mitigating risk with data visibility

Using Analytix, Cinnaire launched a construction dashboard to view real-time data and metrics, allowing the team to stay ahead of issues and identify projects that were showing early signs of disruption. This data visibility equips the organization to prevent future issues and solve problems before they negatively impact the project.

Increased efficiency and access

By providing more users access to Analytix, Cinnaire is able to remove bottlenecks and share easy-to-read dashboards with asset managers and staff, empowering more users to leverage the data at their fingertips. Analytix helps speed up day-to-day approvals processes, and senior leadership has renewed confidence in their decisions.

Flexibility to scale with the business

Analytix is a flexible solution that provides Cinnaire with the best way to identify and address business needs, both now and in the future. With the ability to add new dashboards and tailor certain operations to accommodate evolving needs, Cinnaire is equipped for any scenario.

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