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What are landlord operating expenses?

What are landlord operating expenses? Landlord operating expenses are the costs you incur to maintain and manage your rental property. Knowing what counts as an operating expense helps you effectively budget the income from your rent payments and mai…

What is office space management?

Businesses are always looking for ways to run more efficiently and increase output, and that extends to the office space they rent too. Businesses want to use data, not guesswork, to optimize space. A key strategy available to businesses is managing …

AI for Real Estate Marketing: Insights and Strategies

AI and real estate marketing are revolutionizing the industry, offering new insights and strategies for professionals. At MRI Software, we love to explore how AI is transforming marketing efforts in real estate. From predictive analytics to personali…

The best apps for landlords to collect rent

Best rent collection app for landlords Collecting rent can be a stressful and time-consuming task. Chasing late payments, dealing with bounced checks, and keeping track of different payment methods can be an overwhelming process to face every month. …

Dwelling Fire vs Landlord Insurance

Fire damage to your rental property can come with devastating consequences. Without the right insurance, you will be left to deal with the financial strain of repairs and the loss of rental income alone. Having insurance is a must for multifamily pro…

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