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How to Increase Multifamily Tenant Retention

High tenant turnover rates come with a host of challenges for property managers. Acquiring new tenants can be disruptive and costly, often involving strategic marketing, lead nurturing, tenant screening, and unit viewings or preparation. You also run

How to Protect Your Multifamily Property

Protecting your multifamily property and keeping tenants safe is a key responsibility for property managers. Alongside fulfilling legal obligations, prioritizing security measures allows you to create a secure living environment for your tenants. Thi

How to winterize a multifamily property

As winter approaches, property managers face the crucial task of preparing their multifamily properties for the challenges that the season brings. Winterizing a multifamily property is not just about keeping the cold at bay. It’s a comprehensiv

The Most Common Types of Multifamily Renters

Multifamily properties continue to be a popular choice among various types of multifamily renters. As a property manager, it’s essential to know what type of tenants are attracted to your property and the factors that drive their choices. This will

How to Deal with Multifamily Tenant Complaints

Dealing with multifamily tenant complaints is an inevitable part of property management. Tenant complaints will vary widely, from noisy neighbors to burst pipes to concerns about sustainability in multifamily properties. Successfully managing tenant

The eviction process for multifamily properties

Evicting a tenant from your multifamily property is a situation that no property manager hopes to face. Circumstances such as non-payment of rent, lease violations, and property damage can make tenant eviction necessary. The complexity of the evictio

What are green leases?

In the pursuit of sustainable practices and the race towards achieving net-zero targets, an instrumental tool has emerged in the real estate landscape: green leases. These contracts go beyond the conventional lease agreement, signifying a joint commi

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