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Dwelling Fire vs Landlord Insurance

Fire damage to your rental property can come with devastating consequences. Without the right insurance, you will be left to deal with the financial strain of repairs and the loss of rental income alone. Having insurance is a must for multifamily pro…

What is building operations?

In this article, we will discover the essential components of building operations, exploring its significance in ensuring efficiency, safety, and functionality within properties. From the systems that regulate temperature and air quality to the proto…

Economic Occupancy vs. Physical Occupancy

Understanding economic occupancy and physical occupancy is essential for effective residential property management as it allows for in-depth assessment of the financial health of properties and make informed decisions. Economic occupancy provides ins…

Top 4 challenges of Excel-based lease accounting

Including Microsoft Excel in your lease accounting workflow may seem like the simplest or most practical way to manage simple accounting tasks. And it would be – if the business landscape never changed. While Excel can be a great starting point, it c…

Top 5 lease management software features

Are you a real estate portfolio manager looking to streamline your lease management processes? This blog will walk you through the top five features to consider when choosing the right lease management software for your business. From quality data ma…

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