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ASC 842 and GASB 87 Lease Accounting

Effective from December 15, 2018 for private sector organizations, and more recently in the public sector from December 15, 2021, ASC 842 is the new standard for lease accounting issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Meanwhile, G

Different types of compliance by industry

With visitors, contractors, and employees back in our workplaces, organizations seek software that ensures everyone coming in or out of their buildings is aware of and meets their compliance requirements. Your organization probably has unique corpora

What is compliance in the workplace?

Regardless of size or industry, every business must meet regulations and requirements to protect the people, places, and ideas that power their organization. Companies get exposed to various risks daily, which can severely threaten an organization’

5 types of space management software

Space management is the process of planning, organizing, and managing a business workspace. Effective space management can help businesses optimize their use of space, reduce expenses, and improve productivity and efficiency. Managing workspaces can

7 benefits of hot desking for employers

With employees and employers embracing the benefits of remote working, the role of the office has come under scrutiny in recent years. However, while working from home has brought many advantages, not least the lack of a commute, there are some downs

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