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Fraud is on the rise in multifamily communities, and though modern ID forgery can be nearly impossible to spot, it falls on you and your staff to sort legitimate leads from bad actors. Dealing with this challenge can drain your team’s time and energy–and even expose them to safety risks. Give your leasing agents the tools to confidently rule out fraudulent applicants before the tour.

Fake IDs are harder to spot than ever before.

Prospects who arrive onsite may not be who they claim.

Fraud often leads to safety issues and messy evictions.

Why so many communities rely on CheckpointID

retail lease administration software

Filter out fraudsters before the first tour

Identify potential fraud instantly by scanning IDs and running income checks with pass or fail results. Our solutions stop one bad actor per client, per week. Leasing agents can verify domestic and international IDs, including passports, driver’s licenses, and more.

resident screening

Tools that integrate easily

MRI’s ID verification tools work together, separately, or alongside your existing property management and CRM technology, so you can keep your guest card and lead information in one workflow.


Verified data for greater trust

Stop smart scammers by checking identities across multiple government databases. Two-sided ID matching and AI-powered facial recognition ensure IDs are valid and match the person in front of you.

When you choose CheckpointID, you’re in good company

Put a stop to fraud before the tour

BPG saved $40,000 in their first week

The Buccini Pollin Group added CheckpointID to help spot fake ID’s and keep people safe–and it quickly paid off.

Integrates with all leading property management systems


Take better care of residents,
business, and yourself

MRI Living provides you with lead-to-lease technology that helps you run a tighter ship without sacrificing your personal life in the process. And it’s all flexible enough to work together, separately, or alongside your existing property tech.

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