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For onsite teams, it can sometimes feel like every issue requires your undivided attention. But with so many different modes of communication available, how can anyone be expected to keep up with all their residents and potential applicants across a whole community, let alone across multiple properties?

Don't let after-hours calls slip through the cracks.

Connect lead follow-ups across multiple systems.

See resident messages of every form in one place.

Engage with residents how they want, when they want without picking up your phone

energy dashboards

Never miss a call

Roll-over and after-hours call handling can help capture all calls into the office from residents or potential applicants, empowering staff to easily follow up during regular hours.


Simplify maintenance requests

Respond quickly to incoming maintenance requests with technology that automatically captures, prioritizes, and routes them to the onsite team.


Easily consolidate communications

View all elements of a conversation through call, text, or email, in a single communications hub, and provide a unified, branded experience for users across all formats.

Automate your resident communications

Ad tracking software

Ad tracking software

Ad tracking software provides an engaging way to manage ads and reach prospective residents. See how your advertising dollars are performing with a solution that helps increase ROI on your marketing campaigns, develop staff performance, and perfect marketing budgets.

Answering system

Answering system

Increase lead opportunities, boost resident satisfaction, and improve staff accountability.

Using innovative speech recognition technology, callers can ask questions and get the information they want right away on a wide range of topics related to your community. Your leasing team will see these topics whether the caller leaves a message or not, turning a cold lead warm.

Music on hold

Music on hold

Increase lead opportunities and enhance your community branding with a music on hold solution that shares valuable information about your community with callers placed on hold.

With a pleasant listening experience that keeps your callers relaxed and informed, this music on hold service helps decrease lost calls and builds relationships with prospective and current residents.

Web chat

Web chat

Improve prospect and resident communication, accelerate the leasing process, and alleviate resident concerns with an online web chat that helps office staff connect with potential residents directly from the community’s website.

Prospective and current residents alike can chat with a leasing agent from their device, whether they’re using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Enhance community relations with web chat solutions that can help answer any question from any person – all from the community website.

Contact capabilities

Contact capabilities

Engage and retain residents with a contact solution that uses their preferred communication method to share information about community events, property maintenance, and more. Documented communications and message receipts confirm that your message was delivered, and property staff can set up automated responses to make communications more consistent and reliable.

You can also leverage the software to send out engaging surveys by text or phone that tell you what your residents really want from their amenities and social activities.

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MRI Living provides you with lead-to-lease technology that helps you run a tighter ship without sacrificing your personal life in the process. And it’s all flexible enough to work together, separately, or alongside your existing property tech.

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