Answer applicant questions with natural language responses

Guide prospects to schedule a tour or apply online

Provide floorplan, unit, and amenity images without leaving the chat

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A chat tool your prospects will actually enjoy using

By the time a lead contacts your property, they’re well over halfway through their decision process. How can you make sure they see your community as a place they want to call home?

Chat tools can be a great benefit for leasing teams, but they often aren’t designed to work how users want. People expect online experiences that are easy to navigate, emulate a human conversation flow, and provide helpful visuals without bumping them to new tabs. Users are less likely to engage and convert if they can’t ask the questions they want.

Button-based chat tools don't allow users to ask freeform questions.

AI tools without proper training can misunderstand users' questions.

Users abandon the process if their questions aren't answered.

Engage and qualify leads faster so they choose your community first

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Nurture more leads

An intelligent conversation flow engages users and helps guide them to ask more questions, schedule a tour, or apply online.

retail lease administration software

Serve prospects effortlessly

Make it easy for prospects to discover answers to any leasing question using quick search prompts, FAQs, and AI with natural language processing.

Save precious time

Give prospects the answers they’re looking for so you can focus your working hours on supporting qualified applicants without the after-hours distractions.

Provide answers and a great experience, without lifting a finger

AI and FAQ prompts

AI and FAQ prompts

Users can submit any questions they have and our smart natural language processing will deliver a helpful response customized by your leasing team. Use our recommend FAQs or create your own to embed buttons in the experience so users are guided to learn more about your community.

Fully contained experience

Fully contained experience

Keep users engaged by eliminating the distractions that pull them away from online interactions. Embed pricing and availability right in the chat, including floorplans, unit images, and other important details, so users get every answer they need in one place.

Quick and clear responses

Quick and clear responses

MRI Chat avoids “information dumps” that cause your users to doom-scroll back through the chat to try to find the start of the response. The experience is designed to feel like the modern mobile and social app experiences they use every day, so you keep their attention longer and convert more leads.

Embedded forms

Embedded forms

Use MRI Chat with MRI Lead Management or your integrated property management system to give leads more ways to convert, including tour scheduling, applications, and more, and automatically create guest cards in integrated systems.

Visual image carousels

Visual image carousels

Image carousels let users easily scroll through floorplan, unit, and amenity images like they would do on their favorite social apps.

Smarter AI

Smarter AI

MRI Chat is well trained to understand applicant questions and provide a fast, natural language response that meets their expectations.

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