Easily convert and retain

Automatically surface to-do lists for agents to help them connect with leads, complete tours and applications, and satisfy resident requests.

Gain 360º visibility

Track touchpoints from first touch to renewal with ease, fostering connections without sifting through the disconnected data.

Elevate resident experiences

Nurture resident experiences pre/post move-in, delivering timely messages to foster long-lasting relationships.

MRI Engage CRM - Quick implementation to accelerate productivity

Quick implementation to accelerate productivity

Empower your team with an intuitive CRM that you can implement in weeks, not months, reducing risk, accelerating time-to-value, and enabling shorter ramp times for new hires, ultimately boosting productivity for your team.

MRI Engage CRM - Answer when opportunities call

Answer when opportunities call

Ensure essential information is collected from incoming calls with integrated call management that generates new guest cards. Leverage speech recognition technology to capture and add call summary and tone to guest cards, equipping your team with the insights they need.

MRI Engage CRM - Complete tasks today, set up for success tomorrow

Complete tasks today, set up for success tomorrow

Access a prioritized task list compiled from various channels that automatically generate follow-up tasks for your team. Your team knows exactly how to best spend their time to better serve prospects and residents from lead to lease.

Actionable insights to drive engagement

Thorough reporting

Thorough reporting

Access a user-friendly dashboard featuring widgets that cover all lifecycle stages and channels. Easily comprehend consolidated data, empowering your team with clear visibility and actionable insights for daily tasks or strategic decision-making.

Centralized communications

Centralized communications

IVR and other Callmax functionalities are now available directly in your CRM. By having one place to handle all your communications, you can improve conversion and retention rates with faster responses.

Improved maintenance handling

Improved maintenance handling

Integrated on-call scheduling and streamlined maintenance handling turn challenges into opportunities to demonstrate care, fostering stronger relationships and higher retention rates. Enable your team to convert potential negatives into positives for improved resident satisfaction and loyalty.

Powerful integrations

Powerful integrations

MRI Engage CRM can integrate with your PMS, Engage Leasing Chatbot, and Engage Leasing Portal. Access and act on data around leasing inquiries, applications and other pertinent information directly from your CRM.

Guest and resident cards

Guest and resident cards

Centralize lead and resident information in one platform, removing the need to jump from system to system and making serving the needs of both prospects residents easier.

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