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The future is brighter when we build it together.

The culture at MRI Software is second-to-none. The global MRI team, or the Pride as we call ourselves, is the reason why MRI continues to innovate and raise the bar for the PropTech industry — even after more than 50 years in business.

Our audaciously hopeful vision of the future brings together bricks and mortar and hearts and minds to create a connected community where all are welcome.

What does diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean to MRI?


Attracting, developing, retaining, and engaging a multicultural talent pipeline.


A diverse, open, welcoming, and inclusive environment where Pride members feel they belong and can thrive.


Supporting and investing in the communities where we, our clients, and partners live, work, and play.


Providing inclusively designed and sustainably sourced products and services to our clients.

Our purposeful DEIB strategy speaks louder than words.

We proudly support our communities and invest in strategic corporate partnerships to make sure our best days are ahead.

Coding Black Females


Steel City Codes

Pride Resource Groups at MRI

Celebrating the diversity of the global MRI team through employee-led resource groups

Supporting LGBTQIA+ equity where we live, work, and play through safe, inclusive spaces that deliver an increased sense of belonging.

Empowering women Pride members to gain the support, access, knowledge, and tools they need to succeed and progress their careers within MRI.

Promoting a culture of well-being at MRI by educating, supporting, and empowering the Pride to improve our physical, emotional, and social well-being in the workplace.