Save time on playing detective

Rest easy by verifying income through a bank account itself or the payroll provider’s system of record.

Validate income quickly

Cut the time it takes to upload and review paystubs and bank statements by 90%.

Simplify applicant experience

Speed up the application turnaround time while reducing risks with an AI-first, human-support solution.

Automated Income Verification - How trustworthy is a paystub alone?

How trustworthy is a paystub alone?

Paystubs are one of the most frequently falsified documents in the applicant screening process. Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to sneak past screening services, and no one should be expected to spot a fake paystub with the naked eye in this digital age. If gone undetected, paystub fraud can lead to serious financial risk for your property. You need a solution that can outsmart the latest advances in fraud, letting you rest easy knowing your property is safe from fake paystubs. 

Get faster, more accurate results with Automated Income Verification

Operations Management

Go straight to the source of truth

Manually verifying paystubs is a tedious process. Ditch the detective work and cut the time it takes to upload and review paystubs by 90% by verifying income through trustworthy sources, including payroll providers and bank statements. 

AI-first, human-supported for a better applicant experience

Applicants connect reliable income sources in minutes from a mobile device, removing extra back and forth with staff. Results come back quickly for a better experience that doesn’t compromise accuracy.  

Keep track of applicant demand

Flexible bank verification to maximize occupancy

With bank verification, confirm income for non-traditional employment, such as for gig economy workers. This increases your pool of potentially qualified applicants, preventing you from wrongfully denying reliable future residents.  

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