Empower your real estate business to chase success, not data.

To make timely, strategic decisions, real estate leaders need answers. Our revolutionary real estate analytics software is the game-changer your firm needs to blow past the competition. Designed by real estate professionals, MRI Software’s reporting and analytics solution empowers business users to visualize complex data easily, identify trends, understand what’s behind those trends, and make faster, more informed decisions around property management, finance, and investments.

Rapid Reports

Get the freedom to create reports how you need them, when you need them. With the ad hoc drag-and-drop reporting tool, you can select pre-defined data points and view them in a report for a quick and easy way to get insight into your data.

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Report Gateway

Streamline your custom reporting process with a centralized location where users can leverage industry standard Microsoft reporting tools with the MRI Software platform to create detailed, tailored reports.

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AnalytiX Data Store

Get direct access to your MRI data with a business intelligence platform designed just for the real estate industry. Pull data via secure APIs and view data from executive dashboards to make faster, more accurate decisions.

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AnalytiX Portal

Forget about gathering information, it’s time to focus on results. Designed by real estate professionals for real estate professionals, AnalytiX Portal lets you identify outliers, remove roadblocks, and clear the path to success.

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