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Stratford Capital Group manages LIHTC portfolio with Data Management Services and Investment Central

Stratford Capital Group, LLC is a recognized leader in the multifamily investment industry with a particular focus on affordable housing and investments benefiting from Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

Business Challenge

Stratford began to outgrow the limitations of its proprietary data collection tool as its portfolio expanded year over year. For a while, the system worked well for their portfolio of 50 to 60 properties, with the Asset Management team manually collecting the data and storing it on a shared drive. As the business grew, Stratford required new technology to manage the process.


To better meet the needs of a quickly scaling organization, Stratford choose the Data Management Services solution from MRI Software to handle the process of collecting and managing their data. To complement this new system as more properties were added to their portfolio, they later implemented MRI’s Investment Central to better manage their investments.

We have nothing but good things to say about MRI’s Data Management Services and Investment Central. It feels like they are a true partner for our business.

Maureen Donahue and Alex Kasprzak, Assistant Vice Presidents
Stratford Capital Group, LLC

Business Impact

With improved reporting capabilities from Investment Central and a comprehensive system for the collection, storage, and utilization of data through MRI’s Data Management Services, Stratford has been able to scale at a solid pace. With more than 240 properties now in their portfolio, Stratford’s use of MRI brought the efficiency and flexibility they needed to grow into their processes.

Efficient access to data

Stratford’s combined use of Data Management Services and Investment Central enables them not just to store large amounts of financial data but also to pull that data into clear and easy-to-use reports and dashboards with the click of a button.

Meeting investor demand

As different equity investors have different expectations, Stratford is able to use Investment Central not only to customize reports and format them specifically to meet the individual needs of each investor, but to deliver those reports quickly as well.

Improved business agility

Through their use of these two MRI Software solutions, Stratford has both the capacity and the technical capabilities to scale up their portfolio. Having quick access to reliable data has enabled them to dig further into granular detail and work more efficiently as a team.

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