Complete tenant and voucher management

MRI’s Voucher Management solutions allows PHAs administering Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers to easily meet program requirements and efficiently document communication with tenants.


  • Full tracking of vouchers for program participants, from voucher issuance to expiration

  • Quickly enter required 50058 data and correct errors in real-time

  • Automatically lookup FMR, Payment Standards, Income Limits and Utility Allowances

  • Accurately report on SEMAP, VMS and PIC

  • Effortlessly print HAP checks and manage payments.

  • Easily track portability billing

  • Create, schedule and document your HQS inspections.

  • Monitor lease-up and complete budget projections.

  • MRI solutions in use at eight (8) statewide Section 8 only PHAs

  • Fully integrated with MRI Public Housing and Affordable Housing platforms

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