Your mission matters. But who will handle the accounting?

Your mission matters. But who will handle the accounting?

There’s not enough time in the day for housing organizations to take care of residents and also meet finance and accounting deadlines. If a housing authority struggles with staffing shortages, lack of funding, or outdated technology, successfully submitting financial reports feels like nothing short of a miracle.    

That’s where MRI Fee Accounting Services comes in. A team of full-time CPAs and accountants helps with financial statement preparation, unaudited/audited electronic submission services, budget preparation, operating subsidy calculation, FDS preparation and submission to REAC, and VMS submission. We also provide financial statement consulting with our CPAs. 

Printing and mailing your financial reports wastes time and money.

Staffing shortages and lack of training make it difficult to meet deadlines.

Outdated technology prevents you from accessing the current financial data.

Focus on what matters most and let the professionals handle your accounting

Submit financial data electronically

Submit financial data electronically

Are you tired of printing and mailing your financial reporting? Stop the madness and start saving time and money with electronic submission services. Let MRI’s experienced team of accountants and CPAs handle it for you. 

Free up your staff’s time

Free up your staff’s time

Whether you’re a large PHA with a dedicated accounting staff member or a small team without the resources to hire more people, MRI Fee Accounting services will put time back in your day to focus on what matters most.  

Focus on your mission, not tech

Focus on your mission, not tech

Stop worrying about your outdated technology and focus on making better decisions with up-to-date, tracked accounting information. Get access to the latest numbers whenever you want and share them right when you need to.  

Why affordable and public housing organizations trust MRI

We know PHAs

MRI’s clients include Public Housing and Section 8 PHAs and HUD multifamily properties (RAD/Tax Credits).

HUD fee accounting expertise

MRI’s in-house accounting team has almost 300 years of combined HUD fee accounting experience.

Personalized accounting

MRI’s accountants provide high quality and personalized fee accounting services for affordable and public housing organizations on a monthly and/or annual basis.

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