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Opening a wait list is no longer a chore. WaitListCheck offers a hassle-free way to improve the wait list process for public and affordable housing organizations through an efficient online application management solution. MRI’s application collection and status information system eliminates long lines, weeks of data entry and endless status phone calls, enabling you to provide a better experience for both your applicants and your organization.

Online Application Management Software


  • Automatic opening and closing of the list makes management simple and fair.

  • Add your own preferences and questions to get just the information you want.

  • Applicants prefer the convenience of applying online and staff prefer not having to enter stacks of applications.

  • Applications are checked on-the-fly for duplicates, completeness and accuracy, reducing staff follow-up time.

  • Applicants receive an immediate receipt with directions for checking their status online, eliminating calls.

  • Mobile-friendly interface and built-in Google translate provides accessibility and promotes usage.

  • Make it your own with an Agency-branded application, landing page, instructions and receipt.

  • Provide detailed instructions and eligibility requirements upfront to help applicants better prepare.

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