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Keep your community filled with the right residents and remain compliant

Making decisions on applicants can be a tough job. You need a trustworthy screening service that will accurately assess applicants and also help you meet unique requirements of the affordable and public housing application proces. Take the burden off your housing team by using a screening tool that will help prevent fraud and ensure compliance with fair housing regulations.

Safeguard your communities with trustworthy background screening services

resident screening

Let reliable screening make the tough calls for you

Add an extra layer of security for your communities that spares your staff from making and defending difficult decisions on their own, while ensuring you’re in compliance with the Fair Housing Act. With the power of AI-supported decision-making, you can rely on a screening tool that gets the job done right.

resident screening

Reduce collections and evictions

Trustworthy resident screening services protect against fraud and unqualified applicants, reducing delinquency rates, collections, and evictions. Run real-time credit, criminal, evictions, income, rental history, and fraud verification against industry sources, and adjust your criteria as needed to accommodate protected groups.

resident screening

Leave screening legwork to the pros

Our team of in-house Criminal Research Provider professionals conduct thorough criminal background checks in real time, drastically minimizing false-positive and false-negative results. If any reports raise questions, this team of professional screeners will verify, protecting your team and saving them time.

Integrates with all leading property management systems

Resident Screening Housing - Catch up on the latest compliance changes and fraud trends

Catch up on the latest compliance changes and fraud trends

Keeping up with constant resident screening compliance changes can be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming. Your staff shouldn’t have to be trained detectives to mitigate risk and avoid fraud. Hear from Tony Karels, MRI’s screening expert, as he covers the latest public and affordable housing compliance changes and fraud trends.


Take better care of residents,
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MRI Living provides you with lead-to-lease technology that helps you run a tighter ship without sacrificing your personal life in the process. And it’s all flexible enough to work together, separately, or alongside your existing property tech.

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