Control costs and improve productivity with an easy-to-use solution

Control costs and improve productivity with an easy-to-use solution

Maintenance management can be overwhelming. Whether you look after facilities, equipment maintenance or property management, you need to stay proactive with a preventive maintenance plan. These tasks can pile up fast and while you’re focusing on getting through the day-to-day, it’s easy to miss out on time and efficiency savings.

You are responsible for…

Scheduling regular maintenance on mission critical assets

Managing work orders for individuals, groups and vendors

Ensuring vendors are compliant with certificates of insurance, licensing and tax

Keeping track of spend on materials and other inventory

MRI NETfacilities is cloud-based software that empowers maintenance and facilities managers to develop better processes, decrease downtime and maintain better relationships.

Deliver peak performance

However you run your maintenance organization, the MRI NETfacilities platform can provide a tailored workflow to meet your needs. Achieve your business goals with a solution that can evolve with you as your requirements change.

Manage unlimited assets

Track and manage unlimited assets and set up scheduled tasks that automatically generate preventive maintenance work orders. Being proactive prevents costly oversights that could quickly deplete your maintenance budgets.

Track service and costs

Assign work orders to vendors and provide them with secure login access, making it convenient to manage their own work order activity and track their time and charges, so you can see accurate cost tracking on a per work order basis.

A unified cloud maintenance management solution for any company in any industry

Facilities Management

Transform your facilities into something organized, efficient and insightful.

Property Management

Proactively address tenant services, convenience, risk and satisfaction.

Maintenance Management

Service contractors can increase the effectiveness and reliability of maintenance.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Users can access the system through a secure login portal, and with just a couple clicks submit a request to be reviewed, approved and assigned. Status change notifications keep the requestor well informed.

Take advantage of advanced features like setting priorities, customizable approval work flows, individual, group, and vendor assignments, along with time and cost tracking, and dozens of other useful features.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Make tracking and managing your preventative maintenance easy whether you are a facilities manager, property manager, technician, engineer, administrator or other role.

Track and manage the scheduled and recurring maintenance of your assets and equipment – all in secure centralized work hub. Assign work automatically or dispatch via flexible individual, team, or vendor rules, with notifications and mobile access.

Inventory Management

Inventory Mangement

Inventory Management

Use software that links the people, places, and things you manage into one convenient system that includes inventory and parts management.

Track material use on work orders so you know what you are using and where, along with the total cost that inventory use represents. See what inventory is used on asset and equipment repairs or how often you are using a specific piece of inventory.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Effectively manage important aspects of the relationships you have with vendors, whether they are service providers or suppliers.

Having one centralized solution means each of your properties can independently keep track of critical compliance information such as certificates of insurance, licensing, and tax information, while reducing exposure to unnecessary risks.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Tag your assets with unique identifiers, input the make, model, and manufacture serial numbers, as well as upload an image so that everyone knows what the equipment looks like. Easily link your assets to their specific location on the property and organize them into groups of equipment types for better organization. You can even upload user manuals and other file types.

Key & Lock Management

Key and lock management

Key & Lock Management

Increase security awareness of staff, contractors and suppliers, by restricting access to your organization’s keys. Traceability means not having to replace locks and keys due to loss.

Extended functionality allows for tracking the locations of locks and cylinder cores, key types, key groups, and key systems, in addition to tacking cabinets and hooks. Special pinning capabilities are offered for organizations having an in-house locksmith.

Key Facts

Market Sectors


Track performance, increase productivity, and protect your assets with a solution that streamlines inventory, and lowers the total cost of maintenance.

Property Management

Manage all aspects of property care and provide top-notch tenant services with highly effective, process-centric software.


Collaborate with team members in real-time on work orders, scheduled action items, asset management, preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory ordering and more.


Manage every aspect of your healthcare operations to stay organized, and enjoy total visibility of reports by facility, department, service type, vendor, and more.


Access the information you need to manage your business, with a flexible suite of configurable tools deployed for your operational processes.

Food Service

Schedule and complete equipment PMs, tracking vendor costs, and other critical tasks to keep your customers happy and returning.


Setup comprehensive scheduled maintenance programs that will generate and send work orders to notify you when it’s time to perform procedures.

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