Accelerate closings

Save time creating contracts and capturing signatures with a 100% digital process that supports agents and buyers.

Eliminate delays

Simplify contract negotiation by collaborating with buyers, sellers, and agents on changes in real-time.

Leverage our reach

Connect with agents through CTM to share documents, coordinate deadlines, and drive contract execution, in a platform you know and trust.

Contract collaboration.

Are your real estate transactions becoming too complicated to manage?

Working through transactions can leave you feeling like you’re keeping multiple plates spinning at once. Between changing regulations, buyer and seller negotiations, and tight deadlines, it’s easy to find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed. And if you can’t keep buyer and seller agents, lenders, and title companies on the same page, how can you confidently help your clients ensure all requirements are met on time? Without a complete document management and e-signature solution built specifically for real estate transactions, you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent closing more deals.

Stay up to date on the latest requirements.

Stay up to date on the latest requirements

Simplify compliance with current Real Estate Commission-approved contracts helping you meet legal requirements and reduce errors that delay real estate transactions.

Easily collaborate with buyers, sellers, and agents.

Easily collaborate with buyers, sellers, and agents

Accelerate closings with interactive forms that help agents, buyers, and sellers collaborate instantly on changes, improving communication and speeding up approvals.

Manage documents and meet deadlines.

Manage documents and meet deadlines

Keep everyone in sync and on track with document management that helps you update and consolidate forms and automatically syncs updates, so you avoid version control issues that create confusion and extend closings.

Share Contracts

Share contracts.

Share Contracts

Work together with agents, buyers, and sellers in interactive contracts that allow everyone to edit the same document.

Live Updates

Live updates.

Live Updates

Stop worrying about version control – work from one shared document so agents and clients can view changes immediately without constant back-and-forth file sharing over email.




Sign documents from anywhere with your mouse or enter your name and let CTM apply a signature font for you.

Deadline Monitoring

Deadline monitoring.

Deadline Monitoring

CTM automatically tracks your contract due dates and alerts you through your email or calendar, so you never miss deadlines.



Contract Collaboration

Contract collaboration.

Contract Collaboration

When both you and the listing or buying agent uses CTM, you can enable shared access to documents so agents are notified automatically within the product. Work together to edit terms, update contract deadlines, and capture signatures.

Deadline Scheduling

Deadline scheduling.

Deadline Scheduling

Use auto-dating deadline templates for each transaction, allowing you to automatically create and track each step in the contract process leading up to closing.

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