Compare commercial leases

Quickly analyze, scrutinize and financially dissect a lease deal to simplify cash flow analysis and explore what-ifs with any variable.

Assists both tenants & landlords

Analyze leases and compare the financial impact of different scenarios from the perspective of tenants and landlords to help make smarter decisions.

Negotiate smarter

A valuable tool for real estate professionals involved in the negotiation of leasing or purchasing commercial, office, industrial or retail space.

Goal seeking

Get answers to complex questions with goal seeking functionality that determines which assumptions are required to produce your desired result.

MRI ProCalc lease analysis software

MRI ProCalc lease analysis software trusted by commercial tenants, landlords, brokers and agents

MRI ProCalc lease analysis software enables commercial real estate professionals to analyze and compare leases from the perspective of tenants, sublessors, landlords, or purchasers. Lease analysis is an essential tool for anyone involved in negotiating the lease or purchase of commercial, office, industrial or retail space – from commercial leasing agents, brokers, and the lessee or lessor.

Financially dissect your deal and make faster, more informed decisions with insights that spreadsheets simply can’t provide. Use the software to assess all your leases and determine total lease exposure, or build valuation for your own property. The solution can analyze simple deals that require one cash flow or complex deals that require multiple tenants, multiple time periods or multiple pieces of space. Share visually appealing reports with clients by easily adding logos, photos, and charts. Create your own data entry fields and add your own calculations for complete flexibility and control.

A trusted solution since 1992, MRI ProCalc lease analysis software is used by Fortune 500 corporate real estate executives, brokers and landlords.

Why use commercial real estate lease analysis software?

Why use commercial real estate lease analysis software?
  • Compare all your options, including lease vs lease, lease vs buy, and buy vs buy for office, industrial and retail deals.

  • Model cash flows on a pre-tax, post-tax, GAAP or P & L basis. Enter the data once, and let the software handle the analysis.

  • Calculate the remaining obligation on one or multiple leases to better understand lease exposure.

  • Sublease space to an unlimited number of subtenants; any portion of any month can be made free rent.

  • Explore 'what-if' scenarios with any variable to see how concessions, expansions, renewals and more will impact a deal or lease.

  • Eliminate data entry mistakes and mitigate risk with built-in error trapping.

  • Easily calculate Present Value and Net Effective Rent to determine income from your property.

  • Analyze all lease transactions, including new leases, renewals and expansions.

Maximize profitability with goal seeking functionality

Maximize profitability with goal seeking functionality

Goal seeking functionality is essential for efficient lease analysis. It allows you to determine the assumptions required to produce the desired output. By changing the variables, you can get a better understanding of lease vs buy scenarios. For example, what does the sell price of your property need to be at some point in the future in order for the present value of the buy to match the present value of the lease? How much should you pay for a building today so that the present value of the buy matches the present value of the lease? The possibilities are endless!

Compare, analyze and dissect commercial leasing scenarios

  • Analyze blend & extend deals that stay the same size, or increase or decrease the rentable area.

  • Evaluate expansion options at the then escalated rent or at a different rent rate; modify the rentable area during the term as needed.

  • Create and share reports that include logos, photos, graphs and charts.

  • Analyze all types of deals, including those with renewal or cancellation options; pro-rate partial years automatically.

  • Calculate termination options (Unamortized portion of cash contribution, free rent & TI)

  • Use multi-currency capabilities to see different currency types and convert to any currency you want.

  • Occupy a certain amount of space but pay on a different rentable area.

  • Compare deals that start on different dates and with different term lengths.

  • Show any cash flow on a lease year, calendar year or fiscal year of your choice.

Compare, analyze and dissect commercial leasing scenarios

Our Clients

Simplify lease analysis with powerful features

Tenant Rep

Show tenants the cost of entering into, occupying and getting out of a lease by comparing up to eight deals on a single page. Compare different properties or analyze the same deal in different ways. Enter the data one time and the software automatically creates a pre-tax cash flow, post-tax cash flow, GAAP analysis and a P&L analysis.


Landlords and property owners can calculates all the income they receive from a tenant and subtract all the expenses that will come with the prospective deal to calculate net income. Compare budget vs. proposed, last offer to latest offer or where you started vs. where you ended. Tenant rep brokers and corporate real estate executives use this module during negotiations with landlords to understand the benefits of different variables.


Show tenants (owner occupiers) the cost to purchase, live in and sell a property at some point in the future. For example, you could purchase a 60,000 SF building, occupy 40,000 SF and lease out the remaining 20,000 SF to an unlimited number of subtenants. This can be done either pre-tax or post tax analysis. When used in conjunction with the Tenant Rep module, you can compare lease vs buy scenarios.


Share lease analysis reports and proposals with your clients by sending files securely from the system. Export up to 12 files into one Excel workbook. The exported documents do not contain formulas, only values, and they can be protected before sharing with clients so that the documents cannot be edited or manipulated.


Calculate commissions and generate a commission bill that can be sent to landlords as well as an in-house commission bill that allows you to deduct expenses from the commission to get the net commission. List all the brokers that will share in the commission and the proportionate shares they will receive. You can even account for payouts of the commission.

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