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Simplify the complexities of managing a diverse portfolio in dynamic times

Organizations are under pressure to respond to a constantly evolving landscape of workplace change and performance cost analysis. Managing increasingly complex real estate scenarios, making lease and transaction decisions, delivering productive spaces, and optimizing maintenance are only a few of the many responsibilities that today’s businesses are facing.

MRI ManhattanONE delivers unprecedented visibility into your real estate data to efficiently track and control every aspect of your portfolio. With integrated software modules for financial management, including accounting, lease and FASB/IASB compliance; space management, room & desk booking; as well as projects, facilities maintenance and sustainability, MRI ManhattanONE empowers you to improve real estate agility and resilience, optimize operational efficiency, and create flexible and engaging workplace experiences.


Flexible & Accessible

With full access to all modules in one solution, you can unlock any current or future functionality, including the latest advancements and innovations in our IWMS technology, when and where you need it.

Complete & Connected

MRI ManhattanONE is the hub of a successful real estate experience. With an open architecture, you can connect and harmonize your key real estate functions, third-party software and IoT data sources to meet your exact needs.

Single Source of Truth

Centralize all disparate real estate data into one single source of the truth, providing 360-degree visibility, unrivaled control and trusted insight into the performance of your real estate portfolio.

Accelerate Time-to-Value

Get started quickly with ManhattanONE's preconfigured, out-of-the-box functionality based on industry best practices. Achieve value upfront and realize long-term success.


  • One complete software suite for managing all your transactions, accounting, lease, space, reservations, facilities maintenance, project planning and sustainability.

  • Analyze the financial impact, baseline the portfolio, and plan cost reducing programs.

  • Improve control through active monitoring, proactive system alerts, robust approval controls and powerful workflows.

  • Capture real-time data from sensors and IoT devices and easily integrate third-party software such as ERP, BMS, and other point solutions.

  • Monitor real-time KPIs, which provide visibility and insight to help you maximize operational efficiency, improve space utilization and drive decision making.

  • Connect employees to their spaces and meet the self-service demands of the modern workplace.

  • Increase effectiveness and team collaboration through efficient system use, best practices and improved processes.

  • Manage a global real estate portfolio with multi-currency, multi-language and multi-accounting capabilities.

ManhattanONE Modules

Decision Support

Monitor, benchmark and measure your real estate data. Identify trends and drill down to underlying details to inform strategic decision-making.


Track, manage and analyze detailed costs at a granular, real estate ledger level. Understand the performance of your real estate portfolio, property by property.


Manage the complex processes associated with both the acquisition and disposition of property. Evaluate multiple scenarios to achieve the best possible outcome.


Accurately track and manage all aspects of your real estate and capital asset leasing. Leverage real-time alerts and task automaton to avoid lease penalties and over-payments.

Lease Compliance

Ensure financial reporting accuracy and transparency. Conform to the new FASB ASC 842 and IASB IFRS 16 lease accounting standards.


Visualize, understand, measure and act on the space needs of your organization. Inform workplace layout decision-making to improve engagement of occupants.

Room & Desk Booking

Streamline meeting room and desk reservations. Eliminate no-shows, foster collaboration and maximize workspace utilization.


Capture and measure actual utilization of your real estate portfolio. Make decisions based on what is actually happening within the workplace.


Centralize all project information in one location. Plan and deliver projects more efficiently to meet expectations of delivery time, cost and quality.

Facilities Maintenance

Support all your facilities maintenance processes. Improve FM efficiency, optimize the lifespan of assets and minimize operational expenses.


Track, calculate and measure green data across your real estate portfolio. Achieve a better understanding of how each building is consuming energy and utilities.

Mobile Apps

Empower technicians and employees with Mobile Apps. Streamline workplace and maintenance processes from bookings and locating colleagues to reporting issues and executing work orders.

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