DHCR- Maintain compliance
Maintain compliance

Manage rent regulated units and compliance reporting specific to the New York City affordable housing market.

DHCR- Automate calculations
Automate calculations

Maximize revenue collected including vacancy increases in compliance with Rent Acts and Guidelines.

DHCR- Customizable form printing
Customizable form printing

Easily create and print compliant DHCR Renewal letters and minimize errors.

DHCR- Seamless integration
Seamless integration

Data flow between MRI AP & GL applications provides easy drill-down capabilities to reduce manual processes.

Ensure compliance and maximize rent in the real estate capital, New York City.

Amplify the potential of rent-regulated units and stay in compliance with the Division of Homes and Community Renewal (DHCR) regulations in New York State. MRI Software’s DHCR solution helps efficiently manage DHCR program requirements, including rent increases and renewals, while greatly decreasing manual processes and minimizing errors. Get the flexibility to maximize revenue collection within the legal limits while ensuring compliance with DHCR rent regulations.

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