Automate your payables process with MRI AP Automation powered by Nexus

Automate your payables process with MRI AP Automation powered by Nexus

It’s time to automate your procurement and accounts payable process. Real estate AP Automation software powered by Nexus provides a paperless, automated solution for real estate and property management firms based outside the U.S. As a module within MRI’s financial management suite, MRI AP Automation allows users to improve expense management, increase operational efficiency, and reduce invoice processing costs.

advantages of AP Automation


  • Increase visibility with end-to-end tracking of expenditures.

  • Save time and money via web-based automation of complex and paper intensive AP processes.

  • Improve cash flow by exercising payment term discounts.

  • Use purchase order management to keep track of sales.

  • Improve efficiency in your reporting processes with consolidated reporting features.

  • Utilize an online catalog and electronic purchasing options to upgrade your systems.


Expense management

Gain visibility and control over your expenses with end-to-end tracking capabilities.

Global operations

Designed for real estate accounting teams doing business in Canada, Central and South America, Asia, and ANZ.

Time savings

Clients that use AP Automation powered by Nexus Systems to manage invoices average a 65% time savings.

Invoice automation

Streamline your workflow by receiving and processing invoices from multiple sources and automating approval routing.


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