Investment Accounting- Automated processes
Automated processes

Streamline processing and payment of contributions and distributions via waterfalls to better serve your investors.

Investment Accounting- Secure, configurable reporting
Secure, configurable reporting

Keep your real estate investors satisfied and informed with tailorable, timely, and accurate investor reports.

Investment Accounting- Comprehensive views
Comprehensive views

Track and drill down from the investor level all the way to the property level of your fund.

Investment Accounting- Reduce errors
Reduce errors

Real estate investment funds, joint ventures, REITs, and others can reduce errors, save time, and ensure auditability while keeping key investors informed.

Improve real estate accounting accuracy and investor reporting

Real estate organizations with complex investment structures spend large amounts of time setting up funds, consolidating financial statements and reporting to investors. MRI Investment Accounting automates these manual processes, reducing months-long processes into a few hours or less. Built on top of MRI Version X, Investment Accounting pulls your MRI property management data and financials to accurately streamline your accounting. Easily create financial statements, process contributions and pay distributions, and deliver up-to-date reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

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