MRI Budgeting & Forecasting

The Right Data for the Right Decisions

In an ideal world, budgeting would be a streamlined, elegant process that inevitably yielded the building blocks for business planning. In the real world, however, the corporate budgeting process can present a quagmire of inconsistent data and confusing document versioning. MRI Budgeting & Forecasting facilitates collaboration on budgets within a single environment, and provides you with deep insight generated by its lease-level detail.

Commercial Real Estate Budgeting and Forecasting Solution

Better budgets, faster!

Easily combining more data from more sources, MRI Budgeting & Forecasting provides critical visibility and insight by drilling down to the lease level.

Robust reporting for optimal communication

In addition to high-granularity detail about individual leases, the flexible reporting capabilities of MRI Budgeting & Forecasting facilitate communication about business results – and the decisions resting on those results – throughout the organization.

Easy-to-use Web-based user interface

Not just browser-based, but also intuitively designed for ease of use. Even the error messages have been designed for clarity – ideally, enabling users to avoid them entirely.

Integrated recoveries functionality

Create the robust multifunction budgets and forecasts your business requires, including lease level recovery calculations. MRI Budgeting & Forecasting also includes reforecast specific tools to handle adjustments to your plans over time. Now you can build budgets with a higher degree of accuracy by using current and historical actual amounts, departments, leases, rent steps, recovery setup, and area history.

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