SaaS Solutions

SaaS Solutions

MRI’s award-winning SaaS environment includes flexible options to meet your business needs

Enjoy the cost savings, remote access, and overall peace of mind that SaaS will bring to your organization. MRI’s award-winning SaaS solutions allows you to focus on your business rather than IT headaches.

MRI SaaS Core: Our award-winning MRI SaaS Core environment provides real-time, reliable access to clients’ data, and includes extensive data backup and recovery services within MRI’s Tier III+ data centers


MRI SaaS Flex: For organizations that require a greater degree of flexibility, MRI SaaS Flex provides a private application server. Clients experience enhanced control over upgrade schedules, add-on installations, and receive MRI’s Concierge Support Package


MRI SaaS Prime: For organizations with the highest requirements in separated environments, MRI SaaS Prime provides a completely private experience. Along with the private application server and Concierge Support Package included with SaaS Flex, clients are provided unique SQL servers, Citrix Apps, and Disaster Recovery servers to allow for a truly prime environment.



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SaaS Solutions

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Why Choose MRI SaaS?

  • ACCESS WORLD-CLASS TECHNOLOGIES – MRI SaaS provides online, real-time access to the comprehensive MRI suite with integrated, targeted solutions for office, industrial, retail, and multifamily management
  • SIMPLIFY OPERATIONS – You’ll have quick and easy access to your data and applications, while we provide all the behind-the-scenes processing
  • TAKE CONTROL – With MRI SaaS, you’ll gain the control you need over your data and operations
  • COST EFFICIENCY – MRI SaaS gives you affordable access to advanced technologies, so you can control costs and protect your investment
  • LEVERAGE RESOURCES – Leverage the expertise of a world-class team that understands the hosting commitment
  • PEACE OF MIND – You can relax knowing our experts are on the job. Extensive data back-up services and audit controls protect your investment
  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT – MRI SaaS enables you to implement and grow your business faster than traditional in-house systems
  • FOCUS ON YOUR CORE BUSINESS – You can’t let technology concerns distract you from your core business. With MRI SaaS, you can refocus your energies and resources on the success and growth of your business