MRI Information eXchange- Secure data sharing
Secure data sharing

Keep control of property management and accounting data as it moves between your core MRI Software and third-party or custom applications.

MRI Information eXchange- Partner Connect
Partner Connect

Expand your real estate software platform to include features and functionality from MRI Software’s broad partner ecosystem.

MRI Information eXchange- Create custom APIs
Create custom APIs

Use MRI Information eXchange to integrate your MRI Software instance with custom APIs or third-party vendors.

MRI Information eXchange- Single experience
Single experience

Take advantage of additional functionality tailored to your real estate organization’s needs, while still maintaining a cohesive user experience.

Our core offerings customized with controlled, secure data flow.

If building on our core offerings makes you better at your job, just do it. We designed it to be that easy. Other companies force you into conformity, but we’re more of a “do what’s best for you” kind of crew. MRI Information Exchange is an extension of our core flexibility tools. With MIX, you can exchange data between MRI and third-party or custom applications, boosting control over your data. We offer the tools to manage a controlled and secure data flow, and to help you build a specialized and integrated system.

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