LeaseFlow- Greater Visibility
Greater Visibility

Make better informed strategic decisions with more visibility into your leasing pipeline.

LeaseFlow- Central Repository
Central Repository

Improve collaboration among key stakeholders and empower your leasing teams with one centralized location for lease information.

LeaseFlow- Maximize Profitability
Maximize Profitability

Reduce time spent managing the leasing lifecycle so your team can focus on achieving full occupancy.

LeaseFlow- In-Depth Analysis
In-Depth Analysis

Account for specific lease terms and clauses including rent steps, breakpoints, and other critical lease considerations. Analyze the impact of cash allowance, free rent, tenant improvements, and more.

Maximize your commercial real estate leasing process

MRI LeaseFlow provides comprehensive management of the commercial real estate leasing process, enabling leasing teams to increase efficiency and maximize occupancy. Featuring a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, MRI LeaseFlow allows you to centralize all contact information, notes, activities, leases, and opportunities while the direct integration with MRI Commercial Management eliminates duplicate entry and allows for additional efficiencies. Further streamline prospect to tenant conversion with configurable workflows that align with current business processes.

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Commercial Management

Simplify your real estate operations with Commercial Management. Make your life easier by automating the complexities of lease administration and leveraging a centralized data repository.

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