MRI Application eXchange- Collaboration

MRI Application eXchange is like your very own app store where you can download customizations that other users have created.

MRI Application eXchange- Contribute

Through the MRI Application eXchange, users can upload customizations, including reports, pages, and views, to be shared with other MRI Software clients.

MRI Application eXchange- User Community
User Community

As an MRI Software user, you’re part of a unique community that shares knowledge and exchanges ideas to promote continual improvement.

Innovation and community aimed to grow your business.

We’ve been in the business of empowering your flexibility for a long time. So long in fact, we’ve built an innovative community around our products. MRI Application Exchange opens up the opportunity to download customizations to our core products. These customizations range from custom reports, pages, views, and utilities to complete custom apps. Not only can you download apps from MAX, you can submit your own apps to MAX to share with our other clients.

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