Securely store & retrieve

All documents will be stored in a central digital location – on premise or in the cloud – accessed from any of your business locations at the click of a button.

Built for Social Housing

Our user interface, folder structures, document tagging, subject access requests, record security and document redaction functions are purpose built for Social Housing Providers.

Supports Mobile working

Allowing field-based staff such as Housing Officers, Estate Managers and Wardens to capture information on tablets and smart phones whilst in the field.

Housing Management System

Supports GDPR compliance and retention policies

GDPR friendly document retention policies and the automation of rules can be set against Data Retention Guidance from the National Housing Federation. Furthermore, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) means users can search and find specific records quickly, as well as automatically storing documents such as invoices on receipt with no manual intervention required.

Housing Document Management

Retention and Security features:

  • Document retention

  • Enhanced retention reporting

  • Change retention policy (at document and entity level)

  • Automatic deletion of expired documents

  • Right to be forgotten

  • Individual document security

  • Secured nodes per entity type and entity

  • Granular access to documents and folders – at role level

  • Document encryption

Housing Document Management

A document management system to capture all interactions

Your Document Management system needs to cope with any type of content; from physical data, emails, text messages, media files, electronic forms and unified communications, to data that is captured in the field. This could be via your engineers or other staff working remotely within your communities and neighbourhoods. A true Document Management system should capture any interaction with any person, anytime and anyplace (and ideally from any device).

On the other side of capture and storage is the fast and efficient retrieval of customer records – on-demand. This is where your organisation begins to see true productivity gains as your staff are no longer spending an age looking through filing cabinets for a single record. The average record retrieval time within Document Management systems should be seconds.

Our software integrates with a variety of your business applications, allowing you to automatically store and retrieve documents generated from your systems. With the ability to read all file types (including video and audio) Document Management can be utilised across your whole organisation, at the touch of a button, even if your users are mobile.

Hosuing Document Management


  • Integrates with all major Housing Management and back-office systems as well as Microsoft Office – allowing non-system generated documents to be stored.

  • Compliance with GDPR standards. Rigorous security of physical documents coupled with your own retention policies for different document types ensures all documents can be retained or disposed of in accordance with data protection requirements.

  • OCR means you can effectively find relevant documents quicker rather than sifting through unrelated documents to find the correct file.

  • Full auditing – all systems actions and user actions logged.

  • Enhanced security – your administrators can control access via an active directory of groups and roles. Security access to documents can be set to specific roles (or users) and read/write access can be applied for confidential documents.

  • Supports mobile working by capturing data created in the field from remote devices.

  • Search the entire database at once, by specific document or folder.

  • Tag documents into a category – making it easier to search for documents associated with a certain category.

  • Documents can be identified and marked as public, meaning they can be displayed to customers via the customer app or portal.

  • A trusted EDRM system, used by over 120 housing association clients in the UK right now.

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