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7 biggest property management challenges

As a property owner or manager, you likely already understand all the pains and gains that come along with this challenging yet rewarding position. especially if you don’t have a comprehensive property management solution. However, no matter how many years of experience you have, and how much you’ve scaled your business, every property manager faces … Continued

8 proven strategies to boost tenant retention

Achieving strong tenant retention rates is a goal on every property manager’s list. Sadly there is no golden answer on how to convince your tenants to stay with you – but there are proven strategies that you can start to implement. Why is tenant retention important? Any business development site will tell you that it’s … Continued

Drive business with our property management solution

As a residential property manager, what are the fundamental factors that persuade your clients – whether leaseholders or committees – to recommend you? The changing face of recommendation New business development in the market has always been highly driven by recommendation, as targeting leaseholders and committees is a hard task to do directly. However, the … Continued

What is a visitor management system?

Traditionally visitor management was managed manually via a check-in book or ledger at reception or the entry point. A visitor management system replaces the book and pen to digitise the management of visitors, employees, and contractors within an organisation. Visitor management software enables organisations to manage and account for every visitor, employee, and contractor from … Continued

SFR Round Table: key themes for the future of Single Family Rental

Our recent online roundtable event, “the next property disruptor: unlocking the opportunity in Single Family Rental through technology” brought together visionaries from organisations serving the Single Family Rental market to share their knowledge around how to invest in the UK SFR market, as well as delving deeper into the operational management of SFR portfolios. In … Continued

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