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5 ways to benefit from estate agency automation

Estate agents today are facing more challenges than ever before. With uncertainty in the market and customer expectations forever rising, it can be difficult for agents to keep up with everything that needs to be done.  This is where real estate auto…

What is the best real estate CRM for agents?

In the real estate industry, agents need to handle many tasks and effectively manage prospects and listings. Over time, this can become daunting to the point where the agent feels overwhelmed, leading to inefficiencies. By automating various processe…

5 qualities landlords and vendors won’t ignore

When vendors and landlords decide to list their property, the choice of an agent involves careful consideration of various factors. Trust, being the cornerstone, is not hastily established but is a culmination of different elements. Recognising these…

7 essential real estate CRM features

A CRM (customer relationship management) is an incredibly important aspect of real estate. It’s importance within the industry has been recognised and as such, several software solutions have been created in an effort to help agents become more organ…

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