Streamline your business

Save time and money with shared data, task management and workflow automation.

Simplify account management

Manage all your accounts in one place from front end sales and lettings to property management.

Drive growth

Optimise marketing processes, speed up response times, monitor your pipeline and predict revenue.

Estate agency software

Busier than ever with business at a standstill?

Overworked estate agents struggle to manage existing business and find time to generate more activity, build a pipeline, and grow. Why? Manual data entry, task duplication, inefficient processes and missed events waste time and cost money.

When you’re running sales, lettings, property management, and client accounts, it’s very hard to find time to think strategically, improve processes, and operate efficiently. That’s frustrating for owners and operators and it’s discouraging for the team.

It’s time to move on from being busy to being a growth business. 

Make time for growth with dedicated estate agency software

rural estate management

Increase productivity with open, connected, and accessible software

Access data, collaborate, manage tasks across every function in the business and generate business from anywhere, any time with software on the cloud.

letting agent software

Keep up with changing needs and customer behaviour with ever-evolving software

Continuously updated to provide the solutions you need as your business and customer needs evolve. Updated regularly throughout the year, based on your feedback.

estate agent software

Manage all your estate agency business in one place with tailored software

Select from the widest offering of estate agency software to manage sales, lettings, and client accounts. Works together, separately, or alongside your existing software.

Technology to save time, cut costs, and improve customer experience

Client accounts

Streamline your accounting processes and manage all the money coming in and going out in one solution alongside front-end sales, lettings, and property management. Upload CSV files, run accounts, auto allocate payments, and enable auto reconciliation.

Task hub

Boost individual, team, and branch productivity with automated alerts covering sales, letting, property management and accounting activity. Configure your hub using hundreds of activity types from email marketing to viewing appointments, lease events to maintenance checks, survey bookings to sales letters.

Templates and workflows

Design workflows to reflect and improve your own business processes with easily-tailored templates populated with real-time, accurate, shared data. Monitor progress using a simple traffic light system so you never miss a task and keep an eye on service delivery and productivity.


Choose from over 200 report types to gain visibility on issues, progress, trends, and outcomes. Schedule and tailor your reports to suit your routine and automatically send action instructions at the click of a button to colleagues and contractors.


Be the first to respond to an enquiry and win business with on-screen indicators that flash to attract attention when a new enquiry is made.

Support portal

Contact your account manager directly for help when you need it or ask our dedicated support team. Use the online videos, tutorials and Q&As to build team software skills that will save time, money, and help you grow your business.

Trusted by 200+ estate agency clients

Gain full control and simplify your marketing, sales, and letting activity in a single platform


Letting agency software


Upload listings to leading portals and websites, including your own, with a range of add-ons for specific marketing activities.


letting agent software


Manage the entirety of the sales process from an enquiry feeding directly into your solution all the way up to completion. Provide users with the visibility they need to offer a pleasant vendor and buyer experience.


Letting agent software


Gain clarity and oversight of your portfolio, storing information in one place, without duplication and inaccuracies.

Customer engagement

Income analytics

Customer engagement

Give customers what they want with speedy transactions, fast responses, self-service portals, automated workflows, and great communications.


estate agency software


Receive branch payments, make payments to landlords and tenants, and keep up-to-date financial records.

Key facts

estate agency software

Technology to supercharge your estate agency CRM

Buying or leasing property remains a relationship business and all business relationships need managing for profit.

That’s why some estate agents believe that technology-based CRM risks the competitive advantage of personal relationships and trust built over years.

But without tech-enabled CRM, those businesses waste time on manual or repetitive tasks, risk missing key diary events and fail to meet enhanced customer and client communication and service expectations.

MRI’s Agency Central and Sales and Lettings software reduces the time needed for marketing, sales, lettings and client accounts, leaving you free to focus on building new relationships and developing existing ones.

Not only that, but when you or your team stop running to stand still, there’ll be more time to generate activity, build your pipeline, and operate the business more profitably.

3 steps to supercharge your estate agency business

1. Book a demo

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how how our software works.

2. Get a solution to meet your needs

Select the solution(s) you need and we'll implement it for you.

3. Make time to grow

Streamline your processes, generate more revenue, and increase profitability.

Open and flexible technology suitable for all types of estate agents

Products for your agency - no matter the size

MRI Software offers a range of solutions to meet the needs of any sales or lettings agent, based around two core products. One is an express solution which you can purchase directly online. The other is a comprehensive and flexible suite of functionality built for larger agencies. Please get in touch today with our team and they can advise on the best solution for your business.

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