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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve service levels and profitability with MRI Sales and Lettings - previously known as Qube SLM.

When we ask our sales and lettings clients what their biggest challenges are, changing user expectations is top of their list. In the past, the deal-orientated nature of property has often led to tech being an afterthought; now it is seen as the differentiator in terms of customer service. As an agent, you want a system that you can adapt to your business, and works seamlessly together with no need to pay for and maintain multiple systems. And your team expects an intuitive solution that has the same look and feel as the leading brands they’re used to, accessible anytime on every device. Agencies deserve a supplier that understands the market and understands technology.


  • Benefit from the same look and feel as leading consumer brands, with the best user interface on the market.

  • Gain low-risk entry into the Build-to-Rent market, and empower communication between landlord and resident.

  • White label MRI Sales and Lettings for additional branding opportunities.

  • Utilise tools to help your team work proactively by accessing the system on any device.

It has definitely saved time. We are more efficient with managing inspections and processing rent, and as we are now 6 months into the process, are going through renewals which is also proving more proficient. The system is very slick especially for new tenancies.
Guy Leonard | Guy Leonard Estate Agents

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