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Lease Management Software - Are you losing control of your lease portfolio?

Are you losing control of your lease portfolio?

Lease management has become a complex and high risk responsibility. Done correctly, it can make huge cost savings. Done wrong and the smallest error can have catastrophic financial consequences. Inaccurate data, inadequate analysis, poor decisions and missed opportunities are almost inevitable without proactive lease management and control. The problem is, that’s not easy without centralised, AI powered lease management software designed to reduce human error and streamline business processes.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Find out how much you can save with MRI’s lease accounting and management suite.

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Simplify the complexity and reduce the risk of lease management

Lease management software to give you complete control.

Enterprise FM

One platform to reduce complexity

Bring your entire lease portfolio onto one platform to keep track and calculate rent and service charges.

Track, monitor and maintain compliance

AI for effortless accuracy and speed

Leverage AI for accurate and verified data, analysis and insights to drive better decisions.

Concept Evolution

Seamless integration with ERP

Connects seamlessly with other real estate and corporate systems to save time and resources.

Out of the box technology with all the applications you need

Contract management

Contract management

Lease start date/end dates, lease term, landlord, payee, documentation, correspondence, key events and clauses. All data points related to the management of a lease contract.

Lease options

Lease options

Lease options within the contract available to either the landlord, tenant or both i.e. options to renew, options to break, available in the future, likelihood of exercising the option.

Rent reviews

Rent reviews

Agreed rent steps, rent free periods, open market rent reviews, back dated rental calculation, flat percentage rental increases.

Lease payments

lease management

Lease payments

Manage all charges related to the lease with the corresponding lease values, periodicity etc. i.e. rent, service charge, insurance.



Any lease charges linked to an index including caps and collar arrangements i.e. CPI, RPI.

Incentives and costs

Incentives and costs

Including dilapidations, residual value guarantee, incentives, impairments, rent free periods etc.

Turn-over rents

Turn-over rents

Retail percentage/turnover related rents across multiple sales categories, be it pure turnover rent or a base rent plus variable turnover top up, both from a payable and receivable perspective.



Including rental deposits, guarantees, non-refundable arrangement fees, whether the deposit is cash or otherwise, as well as linking to an index.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) links abstracted clauses back to the location in the physical lease contract, removing the need for a manual review of the physical contract.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Put your data to work for your business. MRI Agora Insights allows your teams to spend less time looking for your lease and portfolio data and more time acting on it, making for better decisions with fewer clicks. Prioritise your tasks with a tool that identifies trends over time and automatically flags anomalies requiring action for you.  

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Lease Management Software - Take control of lease management and achieve regulatory compliance too

Take control of lease management and achieve regulatory compliance too

Tracking, monitoring and controlling lease documents, critical dates, financial components and other essential information are key functions of lease management, but we know there’s another aspect of lease administration you’re concerned about.

The impact of incorrect data flowing through to your balance sheet would have disastrous consequences but the complexity of lease management makes that hard to avoid.

That’s why we’ve been developing, evolving and perfecting our lease management software for more than 30 years, so you can take complete control of your lease data and now, send IFRS 16 compliant calculations to lease accounting with ease and confidence. 

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