Find the perfect locations

Get easy access to accurate, unified, up to date lease data for day-to-day decision making and find the right locations for your stores.

Stay confident with clarity

Never miss an opportunity to cut costs & improve operations with automated alerts and processes.

Increase sales

Base strategic decisions on top line metrics and footfall analysis by store location.

lease accounting software

Unprecedented change calls for better operations and decision making

Leading your business into the next era means finding more time to think strategically. But you also need to drive efficiencies to cut costs and save money.  If documents are hard to find, the data is disorganised or you just don’t trust its accuracy and completeness none of these goals are achievable.  At times like these, you need a robust and flexible retail management software suite to streamline operations and give you immediate insight into top line performance so you can navigate every decision effectively. 

Store life cycle management for retailers and retail property managers


Store selection & optimisation

Gain maximum visibility and insight over footfall, capture rates, dwell time, sales revenue, staffing and more to ensure your locations drive profitable sales.

lease accounting software

AI Lease management & accounting

Manage the lifecycle of your store portfolio to optimise leases, make accurate payments and extract accurate data using AI to manage compliant accounting, auditing and reporting.

rural estate management

Operations Management

Reduce energy, cut costs, streamline maintenance and ensure safety with enhanced communication, automated alerts and easy workflows.

Functionality and features designed to help you grow your business

Lease Administration

Discount rate management

Lease Administration

Bring your entire lease portfolio onto one platform to keep track and calculate rent and service charges.  Automate and standardise the reconciliation process to produce high-quality and accurate financial statements to avoid incorrect payments and investigate discrepancies, taking action when needed.  Save time and let us manage your rent and operating expense payments, collect rent from tenants and resolve discrepancies and disputes.

AI Lease Abstraction

Lease Accounting

AI Lease Abstraction

Use AI to extract and structure critical data on financial, legal and business terms of a lease in a condensed, easy-to-read and updatable version.  Ensure a smooth lease auditing process with reliable data that has a full audit trail back to the original lease document.

Lease Accounting

Dual entity reporting

Lease Accounting

Create capitalisation schedules and automatically generate accurate and timely reports to demonstrate compliance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 by compliance.

AI Contract Management

AI Contract Management

AI Contract Management

Gain faster insights into your contracts to reduce the risk of disputes and improve supply chain management.

Footfall Analytics

Footfall Analytics

Footfall Analytics

Gain insights into footfall traffic inside and outside your stores and the potential to increase it at your locations. Easily access data on customer numbers in store, capture rates, customer demographics, dwell time, cart abandonment and market trends.

Facilities Management

facilities management

Facilities Management

Use innovative facilities management software to manage all aspects of planned and reactive maintenance.  Ensure that your stores operate smoothly and prevent losses from closed stores or broken assets.

Energy Management

energy management software

Energy Management

Use energy management software to monitor, analyse and reduce the energy consumption across your stores.  Identify anomalies, benchmark against industry standards and support your journey towards Net Zero.

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Our retail clients

Energy Management

How to navigate a legion of retail challenges

More than ever, you need clarity and control over every aspect of the business. That’s why we’ve designed our retail management suite to give you:

  • Top line sales visibility and analytics for quick responses
  • Confidence in the integrity and completeness of data
  • Up-to-date data anywhere, any time to drive fast decisions
  • Time to think strategically and plan the future

From lease management through FM, energy management and footfall analytics, we’ll give you the confidence you need to steer your business to success, whatever the challenge.

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3. Drive your business forward

Navigate turbulent times with the data and the time you need.


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