On-Demand Webinar

AI Driven Retail Property Portfolio: Ensuring ROI for your property management system


Join us to learn why Artificial Intelligence has been identified as the next breakthrough technology changing Property Portfolio Management for Occupiers. If you are unsure how to leverage this technology, you are not alone. Learn more as we discussed how AI can reduce error, manual work, missed dates and how human AI collaboration can support property specialists.

In this 30-minute MRI hosted webinar, we explored:

  • What technologies are driving success for retail leasing
  • The common pitfalls challenges of manual lease abstraction – keeping up with changes in the portfolio
  • Best practices in auditing lease data – learned from working aside the world’s biggest audit firms and largest Retail property occupiers on optimising the IRFS 16 process.
  • The value of using artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly cleanse and extract crucial data from physical paper lease.
  • The importance of usability – How intuitive Google-like interfaces into trusted data can reduce risk and frustration.
  • Using AI to ensure return on investment on your property management systems
  • The business case for Implementing AI – How the cost (of human error, inefficiency and risk) versus the benefits of extracting mirror image your lease agreement portfolio and addendums into simple to access data.
  • Why now? Leading retailers use artificial intelligence – it is not as difficult or complicated as you think.

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