Support decision making and increase your ROI

footfall analytics

Stores and tenants

Maximise the performance of individual stores/outlets by leveraging powerful analytics: store capture rate, customer movement, dwell time, colleague interactions, and customer demographics.

footfall analytics

Real estate owners and asset managers

Monitor footfall volumes and customer demographics into and within your locations – growing revenue, supporting occupiers and maximising overall location value.

footfall analytics

High streets and cities

Understand performance through footfall and vehicle counts, customer movement and demographics as well as relative performance of the location through benchmarking against national, regional and typology trends.

footfall analytics

Use OnLocation footfall analytics to create new opportunities, optimise sales and grow your business

The speed and magnitude of change in retail requires customer-centric, data-driven decisions to achieve impact and success. Obtain a complete and accurate picture of performance and identify growth opportunities through AI-driven footfall analytics.

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Data, analysis and insight to support strategy and tactics that drive ROI

People and vehicle counting

Track footfall into and passing stores/centres and across high streets and cities with a minimum 98% accuracy. Count and classify vehicle movements.

Movement and dwell time

Understand customer behaviour in-store and within destinations, measuring movement, dwell and visits.

Customer demographics

Establish age and gender split to understand your customer profile and the match to your proposition.

Capture rate

Identify the proportion of footfall in the street or centre that is attracted into your stores. Compare and track capture rates to establish whether performance of individual stores is being optimised.


Understand how well your location is performing in relation to the region and nationally.

Store sales collection for centres

Integrate visitor analytics with sales data to quantify and optimise conversion rates.

3 steps to become a data-driven business

1. Book a discovery meeting

Tell us the challenges you want to solve and we'll show you how we can support you in becoming a data-driven customer centric business.

2. Get a customised solution

With AI-based technology built around your own requirements, we'll get the data points that matter to you and turn them into invaluable customer intelligence.

3. Optimise your operations

Make impactful decisions using our regular customised reports, dashboards or API feed.

footfall analytics

We take the guesswork out of decision making

It’s not impossible to make decisions without data, but where there’s inaccurate or incomplete data there’s risk. That’s especially true in volatile, disruptive markets.

Our mission is to give you the data you need to make smart, customer-centric decisions that increase turnover, cut costs and increase ROI.

MRI OnLocation for Footfall Analytics has been counting footfall and related customer data since 2002 and publishing benchmarking data since 2009. We’ve developed a system that delivers:

Latest generation AI technology with >98% accuracy
Dashboards and reports designed for easy access and interrogation
Industry-leading benchmarking
Training to enhance understanding and maximise service value

Trusted by world-class clients across the globe, consulted by governments and quoted by industry and media, we are proud to serve you.

Book a consultation with us now to find out how we can help you achieve data-driven business improvement. 

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MRI OnLocation Suite

Unlock the potential of your locations

Understand and manage people and movement within your locations to ensure a safe and productive environment and optimise business outcomes.

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What are the benefits of monitoring visitor demographics?

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