Own each stage of the commercial tenant lifecycle

MRI @Work is an end-to-end suite of commercial and financial solutions that enable real estate owners, operators, and investors to boost occupancy, mitigate risk, and maximise portfolio performance.

The commercial property segment is changing rapidly, and property owners are challenged to optimise operations to react and thrive in this volatile market. Now more than ever, it is critical to actively manage the tenant lifecycle from the first contact through the duration of the lease. At MRI we have simplified this process by breaking it up into four stages and the corresponding activities that ensure a productive relationship at each stage.

The four stages of MRI @Work

Attract great tenants

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Maximise the lease

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Run smoothly

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Know the score

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Stage 1: Attract great tenants

  • Make more informed decisions with visibility into your pipeline and prospects

  • Maximise occupancy and profitability by curating your tenant mix

  • Perform assessments upfront to mitigate risk, decrease collections, and prevent fraud

  • Improve collaboration and streamline the prospect to tenant conversion with centralised lease information

  • Visualise performance across your portfolio

Property Management Software
Property management software

Stage 2: Maximise the lease

  • Support agile decision making to take advantage of change in a fast-paced, competitive market

  • Distribute updates organisation-wide for greater transparency and faster, more accurate responses

  • Evaluate deviations from standard clauses

  • Structure information in the lease digitally to mine the information in your leases

  • Never forget a key term or miss a critical date

Stage 3: Run smoothly

  • Easily manage day-to-day operations with full visibility from a single platform

  • Automate revenue-generating tasks, including the full range of lease clauses, breakpoints, recoveries and more

  • Plan for success with accurate budgeting and forecasting, and easily extract data to build budget & forecast models

  • Adjust strategy, tactics and daily operations based on variances, and measure actual performance vs. budget 

  • Manage tenant maintenance requests and provide visibility into task status and performance

Facilities Management Software

Stage 4: Know the score

  • Integrate your financial and accounting operations and manage your business from one source of the truth

  • Keep your business ahead of the curve with actionable insights and tailored dashboards

  • Streamline your procure-to-pay process and boost debt management efficiencies

  • Manage fixed assets to ensure compliance, and easily identify areas for operational improvement

  • Keep investors satisfied with insight into performance

Integrated solutions to manage the commercial lifecycle

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