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Protecting domestic abuse survivors from data breaches

We are surveying housing providers to find out how data protection features in their domestic abuse policies, writes Kelly Henderson, founder and managing director of Addressing Domestic Abuse. We recently saw the introduction of the updated consumer…

Best CRM software for Social Housing Providers

What is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. When we talk about a CRM, we’re usually referring to a tool or solution that helps you to better serve your customers through data storage and management.   Do I need a CRM? Most likely …

“Milk. I cannot even afford milk.”

They are the words of one of the thousands of residents who were interviewed for the report.  They are words that evoke scenes more worthy of a Dickens novel.   For those working in social housing, they are words that should both haunt us and inspire…

Active Asset Management for Social Housing

You would have thought that, after it has been plugged so intensively over the past few years, the concept of “Active Asset Management” would now be well understood.  Everyone knows that property performance needs to be understood and how to do that,…

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