5 qualities landlords and vendors won’t ignore

When vendors and landlords decide to list their property, the choice of an agent involves careful consideration of various factors. Trust, being the cornerstone, is not hastily established but is a culmination of different elements. Recognising these crucial real estate agent qualities can not only foster trust with both vendors and landlords but also enable you to deliver value more meaningfully, ultimately leading to securing more listings.

Here are five qualities that potential vendors and landlords prioritise when selecting an agent for the sale and let of their property.


A robust reputation is not merely important; it is indispensable as an estate agent. Vendors and landlords seek assurance that their most valuable asset is in capable hands, managed by someone with a proven track record of high-quality sales.

An agent’s reputation, backed by successful sales, customer reviews, and industry accolades, significantly influences a vendor’s decision. Positive online reviews, particularly on platforms like Trustpilot, play an increasingly vital role. Agents can enhance their reputation by consistently prioritising the vendor’s interests and maintaining honesty and transparency throughout the process.


Property markets are intricate, with trends and prices varying widely between suburbs. Vendors and landlords value an agent who understands their local market, providing insights into ground-level dynamics and how they impact the property sale.

This knowledge enables accurate appraisals, informed advice, and effective negotiation with buyers. Demonstrating strong product knowledge and a deep understanding of the local area builds credibility. Engaging in volunteering and community activities not only boosts local knowledge but also strengthens relationships, presenting opportunities for lead generation.

Marketing Strategy

Vendors and landlords scrutinize an agent’s proposed marketing strategy as a pivotal factor in their decision-making process. They desire a comprehensive, tailored marketing plan that targets the right buyers and enhances their property’s appeal.

Effective management of the marketing budget is equally crucial and often a source of concern for vendors and landlords. A well-rounded marketing strategy should encompass online listings, targeted social media advertising, local letterbox drops, high-quality photography, engaging property descriptions, and the option for professional home staging.

Presenting a thoughtful, professional marketing strategy reassures vendors and landlords that you are the right agent for their property.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the bedrock of successful estate agency transactions and is vital for managing relationships.

Vendors and landlords prioritise agents who keep them informed throughout the selling process. Regular updates on the marketing campaign, buyer interest, and received offers are crucial.

Timely responses to calls and emails demonstrate attentiveness. Automated communication tools, ensure consistent updates and foster trust. Clear communication, especially in explaining complex estate agency language and processes, eases the selling process for vendors and landlords.


While vendors and landlords seek top-notch service, the commission structure is a consideration. Transparently explaining fees from the outset and aligning them with the provided service is crucial.

While some vendors and landlords may seek the lowest commission, many understand that a fair commission can be a worthwhile investment for superior service and a higher sale price. Clearly outlining the value proposition associated with the commission structure builds vendor confidence and trust.

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