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Lawson Rose Transforms Property Management with MRI Software

Lawson Rose Estate Agents, based in Southsea, brings an impressive 70 years of collective experience to the local property market. Established in 2015, the agency specialises in sales, lettings, and property management of residential properties in the vibrant Southsea and Portsmouth areas. Lawson Rose thrives on adapting to the dynamic estate agency landscape, leveraging modern marketing tools, and maintaining a strong office presence.

Challenges Faced

The team at Lawson Rose faced challenges with their previous lettings management software, which was complex, time-consuming, and prone to data loss.

Seeking a more efficient solution, they decided to explore alternatives. Alex King, the Lettings Manager, took charge in March last year, inheriting a system that was not only difficult to navigate but also plagued with support issues.

The old system was incredibly difficult to use and you had to jump through so many screens to get to where you need to be.

With a growing portfolio of 140 residential properties, Lawson Rose needed a system that streamlined their operations. The key challenges included the complexity of their previous solution, unreliable support, and the time-consuming nature of basic tasks such as posting invoices and generating accurate reports.

Selection based on Recommendation

In their pursuit of a more streamlined solution, Lawson Rose explored various options. Ana Tudor, the Property Manager, who had prior experience with MRI software in a previous role, recommended it as a standout solution. Ana’s previous positive experience and glowing recommendation, when added to the promise of user-friendly interfaces, robust support, and comprehensive features, made MRI the obvious choice over other contenders. After exploration of the platform, the team at Lawson Rose are also implementing MRI Secure Sign and MRI Messenger in addition to MRI Sales & Lettings, to streamline document signing and storage, and client communications.

A user-friendly interface

Unlike the team’s previous solution, MRI Sales & Lettings provides a user-friendly interface, allowing the team at Lawson Rose to navigate tasks more efficiently. The intuitive nature of MRI’s interface will also contribute to a quicker adaptation period for the team, enabling them to focus more on strategic aspects of property management rather than grappling with system complexities. Ease of use is a crucial factor for the team, to foster a positive and productive environment that aligns seamlessly with Lawson Rose’s commitment to customer service excellence and operational efficiency.

Attentive and prompt support

Lawson Rose Estate Agents benefit significantly from MRI’s outstanding customer support as illustrated in the table below. In contrast to their previous system, which suffered from delayed responses and inadequate assistance. The assurance of having a knowledgeable support team readily available not only resolves urgent issues promptly but also contributes to a positive working relationship, allowing Lawson Rose to focus on strategic initiatives instead of overcoming technical difficulties.

MRI Support Stats 2023

Cases Closed 5.3k
Average first response 1.5 hours
Average time to close 3.8 days
Client Satisfaction 96%


Time-saving features

Transitioning from a complex and time-consuming system, Lawson Rose now benefits from the efficiency of MRI’s user-friendly interface and robust reporting efficiencies. Tasks that previously required navigating through multiple screens have been streamlined, reducing the time spent on routine processes. Additionally, the robust reporting functionalities of MRI Sales & Lettings provide real-time visibility across Lawson Rose’s portfolio, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes and ensuring accuracy in financial reporting.

Automation and Templates

With the adoption of MRI’s solutions, Lawson Rose benefits from automated features, particularly in tasks like arrears letters and invoicing. The arrears letters process in MRI Sales & Lettings have replaced inefficient manual processes, allowing Lawson Rose to send communications seamlessly and promptly. Additionally, the invoicing process has streamlined financial workflows, reducing the time spent on posting invoices and updating ledgers.

Streamlined Ledger

MRI’s streamlined ledger represents a marked improvement for the team, moving away from a cumbersome system that often resulted in data discrepancies and delays, towards a user-friendly and efficient tool. The ability to navigate through financial data seamlessly reduces the time and effort previously spent on deciphering complex ledger layouts. Real-time updates and accuracy in financial reporting eliminate the 24-hour lag experienced with their previous system.

Implementation and Future Plans

Lawson Rose plans a gradual expansion of their portfolio and team. The manual migration MRI Sales & Lettings, scheduled for implementation, will provide an opportunity for hands-on learning. With MRI’s support and comprehensive features, Lawson Rose anticipates handling a larger portfolio with a smaller team efficiently.

Alex, the Lettings Manager, emphasised the importance of MRI in allowing them to manage a growing portfolio effectively.

MRI is crucial in allowing us to handle a larger portfolio with a smaller team, rather than needing more manpower to handle simple tasks

The responsiveness of MRI’s support, efficiency in reporting, and time-saving features are crucial elements that impressed Lawson Rose during their decision-making process.

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