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How MRI will help Griffin Residential Group Elevate Operations to Achieve Growth

Founded in 2006, Griffin Residential Group is a family-run real estate business with a strong presence across Essex. Currently managing 1,500 properties across five offices covering sales, lettings, property management, and block management, the company has been a key player in the real estate industry for over fifteen years.


As the industry evolved, Griffin Residential Group recognised the need to move from their existing, older property management platform and separate block management system to a more modern and integrated platform.

They faced challenges integrating their incumbent system with other essential tools such as Fixflo and PayProp and set out to identify a new platform which offered seamless compatibility with new partners and technologies, as well as streamlined workflows to help them improve operational efficiency and support their ambitious growth plans.


To navigate the complex decision-making process, Griffin Residential Group engaged a third-party business consultant with extensive expertise in property management software. After comparing a range of competing offerings, MRI emerged as the top contender, and Griffin Residential Group chose to implement a range of MRI solutions.

The MRI Living portfolio is made up of market-leading and seamlessly integrated residential solutions; Qube Property Management, Sales & Lettings Management and Engage. To complement these core solutions, Griffin also chose to enhance day-to-day business operations with MRI’s digital signature tool, MRI Secure Sign. The MRI Engage portal-suite not only offers end-to-end tenancy onboarding, with the Tenancy Application Portal, but provides a powerful Resident and Landlord portal also.

The deciding factor for Griffin was MRI’s holistic approach, providing end-to-end capabilities covering agency and block management. Additionally, they found MRI’s phone integration crucial for streamlining communication and improving efficiency, allowing the team to easily locate telephone records for applicants or vendors to deliver better customer service and improve internal transparency. MRI’s built-in messenger tool within the Sales & Lettings solution allows for automation and scheduling of SMS messaging, particularly useful for appointment reminders.

The main thing I was looking at was saving admin time to make everything quick and efficient and modern. Having MRI cover everything in one system was the thing that I really liked.

Brooke Willetts, PA to the Managing Director and former Sales Negotiator.


Recognising that any system migration comes with inevitable challenges, Griffin Residential Group are working closely with MRI’s team to ensure a seamless transition, as well as organising comprehensive training sessions for their team to ensure that everyone has a deep understanding of the new system.

We know that moving is a big job, and it was an enormous decision for us. We felt MRI was the best solution for us, and I’m hoping that decision will pay dividends.

Alan Webb, Managing Director, Griffin Residential Group

Future plans

With MRI’s streamlined processes and reporting capabilities, Griffin Residential Group are anticipating a significant boost in efficiency of up to 20%. They are also looking forward to the enhanced accountability and transparency that MRI’s reporting and target-setting features will bring to their operations.

“MRI will allow us to be more target-driven,” explained Alan Webb. “The reporting element was a clincher for us as it brings accountability. We can pull a dashboard and get a snapshot of everybody’s figures across all our branches and see exactly what’s going on.”

Griffin anticipate improvements to their operational efficiency as a result of their implementation of MRI’s Tenancy Application Portal and Engage Resident Portal. By allowing tenants and residents to self-serve, the team hope to reduce inbound calls to the office, freeing up team resource to focus on other areas.

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