Rent Account Access

Tenants can view rent balances, make payments and set up new Direct Debits.

Self Appointing Repairs

Repairs can be logged via the app including text and photos, also tenants can book their own repair appointments.

Easy Messaging & Feedback

Direct messages and surveys can be carried out in the app to provide effective communication.

Reduce resource

Tenants can perform simple queries such as checking rent balances 24/7 using our app. No more calls or emails needed.

The perfect solution to reduce call volume and empower tenants

As more and more social housing providers look to operate with increased efficiency, it makes sense to take advantage of our Digital Self Service solution that has been designed to ease the burden on contact centre workers. The application puts tenants in control by giving them the ability to access key digital services, at a time which suits them, on any internet enabled device. They can check their rent account balances (which helps prevent them going into arrears), make payments, log repairs, report Anti Social Behaviour, update their personal details and more. So if your organisation is looking to step up its digital transformation, then our tenant self service is the ideal tool.


  • Our solution gives tenants more flexibility around when they make contact. They can access services 24/7 and instead of the traditional 9 to 5.

  • Our progressive web application works on any device with an internet connection making it open to more tenants. No manual updates required with the app always up-to-date.

  • You can brand and customise virtually every page within your app. Social media feeds and corporate videos can be added into the application too to help spread your message and brand identity.

  • Our modern UI design is fully responsive and designed to the highest levels of accessibility too. Multi-language options are also available.

  • A proven track record for helping our customers improve tenant satisfaction by removing unnecessary wait times and barriers to managing their account.

  • Create onboarding step-by-step tours of your self-service app for customers to guide them when using for the first time or to draw attention to a new feature.

I think it’s the way forward. We have to acknowledge that customers want to contact us in different ways. We have to move with the times and digital self-service is in demand. It’s surpassed what we thought the appetite was. It’s definitely worth doing and there’s a big benefit to the organisation as well as to tenants.
Eleanor Chard | Head of Customer Services - Newydd Housing Association

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