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Document Management - Can your document management system capture all interactions with customers anytime and anywhere?

Can your document management system capture all interactions with customers anytime and anywhere?

Your Document Management solution needs to enable the storage of all kinds of files, forms, and contacts; from physical data, emails, media files, electronic forms, and unified communications, to data captured when out in the field. On the other side, fast and efficient retrieval of those records is important as well. This is where your organisation begins to see true productivity gains. 

Built for the social housing sector, MRI Document Management supports you in creating a true paperless environment. With secure storage and retrieval of your digital documents at the touch of a button, our solution is enabling over 120 housing providers in the UK, to achieve greater productivity. Giving your staff the ability to capture interactions with customers anytime, anywhere and from any device. 

Purpose-built document management solution for housing associations

Digitise your document management

Store all documents in a central digital location. Cut costs and be environmentally friendly. Reduce manual filing time or lengthy searches for misfiled documents. 

True integration to boost productivity

Integrates with numerous business applications and housing management solutions, as well as Microsoft Office, allowing you to automatically store and retrieve system-generated documents. 

Achieve GDPR compliance

GDPR-friendly document retention policies and the automation of rules can be defined against different document types to ensure your organization remains compliant in the storage of your data.

Drive greater productivity across your organization with comprehensive document management functionality

Document retrieval

Document retrieval

Document category-tagging & comprehensive database search functionality by document or folder. 

Support mobile working

Support mobile working

Allowing field-based staff to capture information on tablets and smartphones whilst in the field. 

Document category-tagging

Document category-tagging

Comprehensive database search functionality by document or folder for easy document retrieval. 

Document publishing

Document publishing

Documents can be identified and marked as public, so they can be displayed to customers via the customer app or portal. 

Enhanced security

Enhanced security

Your administrators control document security and access via an active directory of groups and roles. 

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