E-book: The Social Housing Data Revolution

Solutions to problems that modern organisations face with their data-handling
Never before, has there been a requirement for data to work so hard in social housing organisations!

We demand accuracy, efficiency, transparency, compliance, and intelligence from our data, but the key to unlocking all this is more effective data management.

For the first time, sector professionals with the specialist know-how, skills and best-practice experience have formed an allegiance for what can be described as the ‘Data Revolution’

MRI Software and sector-specialists HACT, 3C Consultants and the Data Protection People have come together to share their experience and knowledge with you on what we all know is a very real challenge; getting the most out of our data.

Our mission is to deliver knowledge, frameworks, services and powerful analytical systems that empower your organisation to make better decisions.

Download our Data Revolution E-Book; a guide to help modern social housing organisations with data handling:

  • The possibilities & challenge ahead
  • How to affect real cultural change
  • Why good governance is critical
  • Looking to a data-led future

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