Reduce rent arrears

Get in touch with tenants early and fast via SMS or email to keep them aware of their rent account status.

Increase income

Customers have found that rent payments are made more regularly using our system as tenants respond better to early intervention.

Vulnerable tenants

Our predictive analytics removes technical arrears giving you more time to spend on those who need more support.

Universal Credit

Our system adds in a tenant’s Universal Credit payment dates so you can factor in when they will be in a position to make rent payments.

Helping you manage and predict income with our cloud-based Arrears Management software

In social housing, a common issue revolves around rent payments and tenant’s who are unable to get themselves out of rent arrears. We found that by analysing the data, it was easy to predict when a tenant would go into rent arrears. Our Arrears Management solution goes beyond other collection management systems on the market by processing data daily to allow you to spot which tenants are likely to go into arrears so steps can be taken to prevent the problem getting worse. We also provide the ability to bulk communicate via email or text to low risk accounts to free up the time of your Income Team to focus on higher risk tenants. Built for mobility too, our solution allows you to go through accounts with tenants when you visit their properties. Our approach has proven successful in helping sustain tenancies and increase rent income collection.


  • Daily data processing ensures Income Collection Teams have the most up-to-date information to hand when processing accounts in arrears.

  • Integrates with most of the leading housing management solutions to allow rent arrears data to be passed back and forth between the systems.

  • Offers a range of reporting options so you can see activity levels for your team and can be drilled down to an individual level.

  • Being fully cloud-based provides a responsive design, allowing access via any device when working on-the-go or visiting tenants.

  • Go paperless as our system stores comprehensive case details such as payment information, actions and any notes which have been added to an account.

  • Provides a great visual way to show tenants how serious their rent arrears are, with graphs that show forecasts for their accounts.

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