Mobile payments

Allows payments to be collected from customers and tenants by SMS, Smartphone or Tenant Portal.

SMS Repairs & Maintenance

Send SMS automatically from your HMS and in the tenants preferred language. Offers simple appointment reminders, maintenance notifications, contractor performance and more.

Web surveys

Use our digital survey platform to elevate your customer service – fully integrated with your housing management system.

Digitally connect with your customers, in a simple, effective way

Social Housing providers are looking for ways to interact with customers in the most simple, cost efficient ways that meet the demand for instant communication and 24/7 services. SMS Messaging can improve your customer service and reduce your costs, as texts cost pennies rather than pounds.

Our two-way SMS text messaging solution is a great starting point for your digital transformation journey and can be extended to tenant portals, smartphone apps, email, and social media.

SMS text messaging can be sent from your Housing Management system for everything from balance statements, rent reminders, service updates and appointment bookings. You can send ad-hoc, scheduled or automated two-way SMS messaging with multiple language options. All modules are fully integrated and can be adopted as and when required. A powerful, single database containing data feeds from your back-office systems ensures all your customer information is consistent, whichever digital channel the customer uses.


  • More accessibility: 95% of UK households own a mobile phone (Statista)

  • Improve efficiency: 98% of SMS texts are opened vs. 20% of emails (Gartner)

  • Reduce costs: Texts cost less than 10p – letters can cost over £8 each (Shaw Consulting)

  • Improve communication: 95% of all texts are read within 3 minutes (Forbes)

  • Increase response rate: 45% of recipients respond to text vs. 6% email (Gartner)

  • GDPR compliance: includes right to be forgotten, customer marketing opt-in and full GDPR data information request.

When residents call to book a repair, we send a text message straightaway confirming the appointment time and details. We then send another reminder message the day before the appointment, which gives them the option to cancel the appointment simply by replying to the text message.
Matthew Phillips | Customer Service Manager, Newlon Housing Trust

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